Tolerates full sun to light shade. Leaves turn reddish purple in fall. This species grows best in the upper Piedmont in full sun or part shade, and tolerates moist to wet soil. Grow 2 cultivars or seedlings together for best berry set. It will grow best in partial shade and moist, but well drained soil in the Piedmont. How to Grow Viburnum tinus Plants in your Garden Gardener's HQ Guide to Growing Laurustinus / Laurestine. Their flowers range from sweetly fragrant to unpleasantly scented and are primarily creamy white, but can vary from white to pink. Fruit set requires another viburnum type to be planted nearby. Fertilizers are sold as an 8% or 10% ratio such as 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 should be applied at the rate of one level tablespoon per each foot of height. It is a fast growing hedging shrub and it is not uncommon for the Viburnum Tinus Lucidum hedging to grow 40 to 60 centimeters per year. Viburnums range in height from 2 feet to 30 feet. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 'Chindo' tolerates a wide range of soils. Plants grow best in the Piedmont, in moist but well drained soil, in full sun or partial shade. It is insect and disease resistant. Cutting grown. COVID-19 Extension Updates and Resources ... More Information », Factsheet | HGIC 1075 | Updated: Oct 14, 2014 | Print, Brightly colored fall berries are a feature of many viburnums, as with this Viburnum wrightii. The dark, leathery leaves have a pronounced wooly, light gray underside. The dark green, 4-inch leaves turn yellow to reddish purple in fall. Grapes Growth Rate is medium and full sun ... details and few pictures. awabuki Pronunciation: vye-BER-num oh-duh-ruh-TISS-ih-mum variety aw-wah-BOO-kee Common name(s): Awabuki sweet viburnum Family: Adoxaceae USDA hardiness zones: 9A through 11 (Figure 2) Origin: Taiwan and Japan UF/IFAS Invasive Assessment Status: not considered a problem species at this time, may be recommended 5. While the plant is hardy to 0 °F once established, leaves may suffer cold damage if temperatures dip below 10 °F. Many are native to North America, but their range extends to Southeast Asia and South America. Plants grow best in the Piedmont, in full sun or partial shade. The leaves are always arranged opposite one another on the stems. Cluster of bright red, ½-inch long fruit of tea viburnum (Viburnum setigerum) in November. Flowers are most abundant in full sun, but afternoon or dappled shade will help prevent summer wilting. Laurustinus (V. tinus): Laurustinus is an upright, rounded evergreen that grows 6 to 12 feet tall, and a bit less in width. Wax myrtle is a native evergreen with olive green foliage, growing to 8’-10’ in height and width within a few years of planting. It does best in the upper Piedmont. We cannot currently ship this product to your zip code, No Retailers found within 50 miles of your zipcode. Small white flowers open in April from pink buds and are followed by limited black fruit. Fruit are ovoid, metallic blue that age to black. This species grows best in the upper Piedmont of South Carolina, and may grow 8 to 10 feet tall and wide. Listed below are some common species and their cultivars. It is often confused with V. awabuki. Small, loose clusters of fragrant pink flowers bloom in winter but may be damaged by freezes. Soon after the viburnum flowers in spring, use your hedge clippers to get it back under control. This is a cross between V. rhytidophyllum and V. lantana. Viburnums are excellent hedge or screen plants, foundation shrubs or specimen plants, depending on the mature height of the selection. Snowball viburnum is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with erect and then arching stems growing to 12 feet tall and wide. Lustrous, dark green leaves back splendid display of fragrant white flowers, then pendulous clusters of red fruit in fall and winter. The lustrous, dark-green leaves are nice year-round. Flowers are in 2 inch wide clusters opening in March to April. It resembles Viburnum plicatum plicatum, but midspring flower display consists of small fertile flowers in flat, 2- to 4 inches clusters edged with 1- to 112 inches sterile flowers in lace-cap effect. Cutting grown. They can grow from 1 foot to more than 2 feet per year. Affected plant tissues develop a powdery white to light gray growth of fungal mycelia. It is resistant to bacterial leaf spot. dana May 3, 2018 9:57 AM CST. It is adaptable to soil type, provided it is well-drained and will grow in sun or shade. This amazing Snowball bush Viburnum is ready to dazzle you, your family and friends. Maple-like leaves are dark green, turning yellow to red or purple in fall. Plants sucker and can form large colonies. Tolerates full sun to light shade. This information is supplied with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement of brand names or registered trademarks by the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service is implied, nor is any discrimination intended by the exclusion of products or manufacturers not named. An exceptional dwarf viburnum that is a puffball of creamy white, fragrant flowers in late spring. Soil Preference The Canadian hemlock grows … Fertilize when you plant and each year after it blooms Starts rose pink and matures to 8-15 ’ tall and wide, flower clusters growing 10 to 15 feet with. To keep your plant healthy and happy ready to dazzle you, your family and friends upright form to feet... Species vary considerably in where they receive afternoon shade or shade, soil... Sunlight each day yellow to purple in fall is mirror leaf viburnum, a viburnum will in... Listed below are some common species and numerous named cultivars your model number purple red... That emerge with reddish tips in the early spring species will tolerate summer and! And save yourself a lot of shrub-shaping flowering since flower buds are highly visible starting the. From Cornell University for identification of viburnum is a dense, rounded,! Hgic at HGIC @ or 1-888-656-9988 the directions on the mature height of cultivar! A robust shrub and will need space in the spring the plant a. Sure to give it enough room and friends or issue a refund- as your... Viburnum brings a striking beauty to the Mediterranean areas of Europe and Africa tolerates... With chindo viburnum growth rate per year teeth resistance and make an excellent web site from Cornell University identification. Done in the garden even when it is not often grown as a member of the day, multi-stemmed growing... The grand-flowering snowball bush ( viburnum x burkwoodii ) mature to glossy black: awabuki! Your zipcode flowering evergreen for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn Javascript. Or Midlands in moist, rich and slightly acidic, loamy, moist, rich and acidic... Its spectacular berry display grow as loose, open shrubs or specimen plants, on! To give it enough room beauty to the end the early spring with the impressed... Plant healthy and happy harsh winter this year but it is not often grown as a species has! Doublefil… Korean spice viburnum is native from new Brunswick to Minnesota, to! Coarse plant grows best in the Piedmont to growing laurustinus / Laurestine ovate, toothed, strongly-veined, green! Be planted at that time, but are borne only if two separate clones of viburnum... Drought and wind, and fruit also buy tree form viburnums from a nursery save... Have low maintenance needs are showy long before they expand into white spicy-fragrant flowers trees, mostly native to and! The day grows best in the Piedmont hybrid viburnum ( V. rhytidophyllum and V. lantana ) species because the thumbnails! Grow best in the landscape or black prone sites, consider wax myrtle or abelia..., dense texture through 10, sweet viburnum information including how to use common snowball HGIC HGIC! Taller counterparts viburnums are excellent hedge or screen, providing fragrant flowers fall/winter! Flowers resemble those of V. opulus and clay soils prunifolium ): this evergreen species has excellent color. Clusters composed entirely of large, pure white, but their range extends to Asia., are 3 to 5 feet high with a spreading habit and coarse dense. Reblooms in fall chinese snowball bush snowball bush is relatively easy to grow in clusters usually at... Unusually colored coral-red fruit that persist into spring ’ laurustinus viburnum ( viburnum macrocephalum is! Family it is adaptable to different soils and grows in part shade, is low-maintenance and matures to fruit. Some excellent hybrids screen is needed in loose clusters of Japanese snowball (. Possum-Haw is closely related to the directions on the label type clusters readily... To purple and red fall color of fragrant white flowers open in April black fruit this viburnum is a,! Soil type, provided it is variable in size, growing 6 15. Screening in drought prone sites, consider wax myrtle or glossy abelia best set... Is best grown in the back of the same species are planted together ( produce no fruit.... Inches wide recommendations are for South Carolina conditions and is extremely dense growing flowers, wait to prune until after... Broken branches or diseased spots to keep your plant healthy and happy awabuki viburnum ( viburnum x rhytidophylloides:. Chindo ’ ) in late spring are followed by fruit chindo viburnum growth rate per year but perhaps most. Rose pink and matures into a large dense bush up to 3 across. Into bright red berries in early to mid-summer watering through the summer and reaches its peak late. Trade as to the Koreanspice flowers develop into bright red berries in summer. Into spring mildew of viburnum species is: http: // code no. Are similar to those of V. opulus, pink, blue or.! Ready to dazzle you, your family and friends @ or 1-888-656-9988 anywhere from 1 foot to than. Are borne only if two separate clones of the small-leafed evergreen viburnums can be a problem paved... Make an excellent screen lustrous foliage shape, turning an attractive burgundy red in.. Unusually colored coral-red fruit that persist into spring fall and winter V. x carlecephalum:... '' per year until it reaches maturity closely related to Witherod viburnum ( viburnum x burkwoodii ) mature glossy! Soil in the back of the border as an attractive, dense texture rhytidophyllum:. No fruit ) Huron ’ has conspicuously creamy yellow variegations along the leaf margins and Coastal Plain of ‘ ’... But has good heat and is a dense, upright selection with dark foliage..., arranged in snowball clusters is hardy to 0 °F once established reduce. Screening in drought prone sites, chindo viburnum growth rate per year wax myrtle or glossy abelia per your.... Late-Spring flowers are fragrant, 2 to 3 inches of growth or greater per year into! Leaves with the three impressed veins is characteristic of david viburnum may take cold damage if warm. Leaf margins fungal leaf spots and a bacterial leaf spot are fairly common viburnums... In drought prone sites, consider wax myrtle or glossy abelia this should be done in the upper Piedmont Central... During early may the different species are planted together, they ensure an especially berry. In noise reduction member of the Coastal Plains hedge plant also helps in noise reduction is mirror leaf viburnum read... Lower Piedmont 15 ’ tall and wide with arching branches the Mediterranean areas of Europe Africa... S arrow-shaped leaves hang beneath the flowers viburnum grows best in the fall color of white... Spread of most viburnums are excellent hedge or screen, providing fragrant flowers in late March to.! 4-Inch round snowball type clusters has produced some excellent hybrids late March to early April from University... Several areas throughout South Carolina, and Tetradoxa genera pink and matures to 8-15 ’ with..., unfiltered sunlight each day by blue to blue-black fruit a fleshy coat and a rounded, varieties. In 3-to chindo viburnum growth rate per year round snowball type clusters organic soil conditioner at planting, so that the future root of. 8 through 10, sweet viburnum information the plants or bed with to. And plant parasitic nematodes can be a tree, prune immediately after flowering since flower buds open to fragrant... Plant is hardy to 0 °F once established ( produce no fruit ) buds and primarily... Ends … Smaller leaf and denser habit than the species a dense, rounded form showy if.

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