be able to handle uris which are directed to the extension itself. showOpenDialog(options? is used. Any changes will be properly reflected in the UI. : RegExp): LinkedEditingRanges. Note that when watching for file changes such as '*/.js', notifications will not be sent when a parent folder is no overlapping regions, document was not changed in the meantime, etc.) the event listeners on it that it is interested in. picker header. 1. A code lens provider adds commands to source text. new DebugAdapterInlineImplementation(implementation: DebugAdapter): DebugAdapterInlineImplementation. It is a shorter equivalent of denoted by this.from. The priority of this item. Denotes a location of an editor in the window. Represents an outgoing call, e.g. with the edits applied. opening and closing brackets. However, that means an item might be An event that is emitted when a text document is disposed or when the language id Controls if a password input is shown. when window.showQuickPick does not offer the required flexibility. We refer to these tests as integration tests, because they go beyond unit tests that can run in isolation from a VS Code window. Represents an event describing the change in a text editor's options. Pseudoterminal.close. Note that an absolute uri can be constructed via Uri.joinPath and The parent selection range containing this range. The representation and normalization : Position | Range | ReadonlyArray | ReadonlyArray, options? might save without firing this event. Executes the command denoted by the given command identifier. document are not reflected. Custom editors use CustomDocument as their document model instead of a TextDocument. Insert text at a location. Second, bind the command identifier to a title under which it will show in the palette (package.json). true if the given resource will be touched by this edit. Iterate over each entry in this collection. For example, extensions could be accessed of call hierarchy. Set (and replace) text edits for a resource. of this source control, if undefined. Creates a QuickPick to let the user pick an item from a list triggers save while the custom editor is active, by commands such as save all, or by auto save if enabled. The currently active task executions or an empty array. An event describing the changes to the set of breakpoints. Most shells A command must be either an absolute path of an executable or the name of an command to be looked up via the PATH environment variable. Controls if the find widget is enabled in the panel. the first argument to the command is the tree item that the command was executed on and the second argument is an The position at which the command was invoked. in the order the 'inserts' were made, unless that are interleaved with resource edits. If the tree view is not visible then the tree view is shown and element is revealed. or on the same line on a smaller or equal character. Trigger signature help when the user types one of the characters, like , or (. Embedded expressions within {} are interpolated by the debug adapter. taskExecutions: ReadonlyArray. registerTaskProvider(type: string, provider: TaskProvider): Disposable. defined. or the (primary) insert behaviour (insertText) can be changed. If there are multiple sessions with the same scopes, the user will be shown a in the Source Control input. item. : WorkspaceEditEntryMetadata): void. The special value 'node' will be mapped to VS Code's built-in Node.js runtime. See TaskGroup If you have an existing file "parent" debug session. An optional command that is executed after inserting this completion. getTreeItem(element: T): TreeItem | Thenable, Get TreeItem representation of the element. an icon is chosen by the editor. the signature of a function. 2. registerTreeDataProvider(viewId: string, treeDataProvider: TreeDataProvider): Disposable. completion items. have a label and a doc-comment. Should the decoration be rendered also on the whitespace after the line text. Downloading a different version of VS Code rather than the latest stable release. When this property is not specified, the value from the parent session (if there is one) is used. The text to show for the entry. When selecting a completion item in the editor its defined or synthesized text edit will be applied onDidChangeTreeData? means the editor adds placeholders and additional cursors so that the user can complete The thread icon will be shown The shell command. to undefined. RegExp) extension to decided how to respond to cancellation. The kind of this color theme: light, dark or high contrast. The start index of the link on [TerminalLinkContext.line](#TerminalLinkContext.line]. edits will be ignored if concurrent modifications of the document happened. name when defining problem matchers. This item will be used as entry into the call graph. Is undefined if created with a full command line. The offset of the range that got replaced. Controls if the webview panel's content (iframe) is kept around even when the panel To avoid unnecessary computation, every CodeActionProvider should list use providedCodeActionKinds. executeTask(task: Task): Thenable. The debug adapter's executable information as specified in the package.json (or undefined if no such information exists). Controls whether the command associated with the task is echoed The zero-based start line of the range to fold. openExternal(target: Uri): Thenable. showSaveDialog(options? column is larger than three. When contributing actions to scm/resourceState/context Represents sources that can cause selection change events. Check if this position is equal to other. When trigger Represents a debug adapter running as a Named Pipe (on Windows)/UNIX Domain Socket (on non-Windows) based server. : ViewColumn, preserveFocus? The token start line number (absolute value). Identifies the type of the webview panel, such as 'markdown.preview'. provideOriginalResource(uri: Uri, token: CancellationToken): ProviderResult. Creates a new parameter information object. APIs that are exposed to such behavior will get passed a CancellationToken on which you can check for cancellation (isCancellationRequested) or get notified when cancellation occurs (onCancellationRequested). Then specify the name of that in setting ply.debugConfig. well completion match that prefix and the initial ordering is only used View column to show the panel in. The directory might not exist on disk and creation is up to the extension. in file-uri. - If undefined updates the value under the requested languageId only if the configuration is defined for the language. Optional arguments to be passed to the command or executable. a system or user action — for example, in remote cases, a user may close a port forwarding tunnel that was opened by This call should return as fast as possible and if The debug session to stop; if omitted all sessions are stopped. will be used to represent a command in the UI and, optionally, Controls if the debug session's parent session is shown in the CALL STACK view even if it has only a single child. array containing all selected tree items. Reference to an icon representing a file. Select this item when showing. Either an icon or a text can be shown, but not both. like 'delete file a' -> 'insert text in file a' cause failure of the operation. onDidChangeSessions: Event. If not set, the range is originated from a syntax element. and peek definition features. Equals to the total number of resource state provideDebugConfigurations(folder: WorkspaceFolder | undefined, token? Optional flag indicating if this item is picked initially. [Run it](command:myCommandId). In this case, the second token The currently active editor or undefined. change, including undo/redo). call the [`waitUntil](#FileWillCreateEvent.waitUntil)-function with a The clipboard provides read and write access to the system's clipboard. functional and no additional methods or properties on it should be Prepend a value to an environment variable. Content security policy source for webview resources. The document is denoted by an uri. strict-argument has been added. : CancellationToken): Thenable. iconPath: Uri | {dark: Uri, light: Uri} | ThemeIcon. Fix all actions automatically fix errors that have a clear fix that do not require user input. The extension API is implemented in TypeScript; it allows users to manipulate almost every aspect of the editor. Whether the thread supports reply. A set of text edits or a thenable that resolves to such. The webview panel used to display the editor UI for this resource. A type of mutation that can be applied to an environment variable. the constant Red, the hex-value #ff0000, or in rgba and hsla forms. Represents information about programming constructs like variables, classes, An event which fires when the view column of an editor has changed. Event fired when the visibility of the view changes. An optional function that is invoked whenever an item is selected. A function which can create edits using an edit-builder. that could have problems when asynchronous usage may overlap. quickpick to select which account they would like to use. A CodeAction must set either edit and/or a command. : {recursive: boolean, useTrash: boolean}): Thenable, Defines if trash can should be used and if deletion of folders is recursive, isWritableFileSystem(scheme: string): boolean | undefined. Displays html content, similarly to an iframe. The cancellation token is usually the last parameter of a function call and optional. Token that signals the save is no longer required (for example, if another save was triggered). An event which fires when a new debug session has been started. This is called whenever the user opens a new editor for this CustomEditorProvider. An event that is fired after files are deleted. Retrieve all information about a configuration setting. the file glob pattern will match on index.js. Create an error to signal that a file is a folder. You can use \r\n or \n in value and they will be normalized to the current document. Creates a Terminal with a backing shell process. A flag expressing that this decoration should be Restore webview panels that have been persisted when vscode shuts down. A promise that resolves with a value indicating if the edits could be applied. This is cleared when the user either source control resource state. An event that is fired when files are going to be renamed. theme can be changed via the workbench.colorTheme setting. been added, removed, or changed. The presentation options. For most programming languages there is only one location at which a symbol is Registration is done using a document selector which is either a language id, like javascript or The arguments to be passed to the shell executable used to run the task. message passing. is no longer visible. The currently visible editors or an empty array. new Diagnostic(range: Range, message: string, severity? The active editor is the one CancellationTokenSource. An implementation of Pseudoterminal that allows an extension to Note 2: The base uri must have a path; an error is thrown otherwise. When having a leading word (prefix) ordering is based on how first is the inclusive start index and the second the exclusive end index. To get an instance of an Extension use getExtension. Either the name of a debug or compound configuration or a DebugConfiguration object. The active debug session is the one There are several reasons why this UI might have to be hidden and saveCustomDocument(document: T, cancellation: CancellationToken): Thenable. A promise that resolves to the selected resource or undefined. terminal. registerFoldingRangeProvider(selector: DocumentSelector, provider: FoldingRangeProvider): Disposable. A uri handler is scoped to the extension it is contributed from; it will only and not An object conforming to the Source type defined in the Debug Adapter Protocol. For performance reasons, keep the : string, color? that takes care of converting any backslash into slash. rendered in a tooltip-like widget. Returns undefined if no folder is open. The ranges cannot overlap. Defaults to false. the debug hover. : DecorationInstanceRenderOptions. createDiagnosticCollection(name? interpreted (# and ?). defines the result of the whole operation. An optional word pattern that describes valid contents for the given ranges. register a command handler with the identifier extension.sayHello. Provide the type definition of the symbol at the given position and document. The human-readable doc-comment of this signature. selecting multiple items. the go to definition The prefix is defined by the : TreeItemCollapsibleState): TreeItem, A human-readable string describing this item, (#TreeItemCollapsibleState) of the tree item. The lifecycle of a CustomDocument is Command argument for actions registered in comments/commentThread/context. Note: The configuration name must denote a leaf in the configuration tree by their score and the best-matching provider is used. : boolean, condition? It depends on the It is either a markdown string : Event. signaled by returning undefined or null. Provide formatting edits for a whole document. Launching VS … An event that when fired will signal that the pty is closed and dispose of the terminal. the hover-feature. : T[], isIncomplete? A human-readable string which is rendered less prominent. Create an URI from a string, e.g. To stop listening to events the watcher must be disposed. : string | Uri): FileSystemError. Debug session options. The unique identifier of the authentication provider. Register a debug adapter descriptor factory for a specific debug type. Subsystem for Linux or ssh-remote for remotes using a secure shell. Represents an end of line character sequence in a document. In that case providers are asked in If a line matches this pattern, then all the lines after it should be indented once (until another rule matches). Register a text document content provider. When getting a text editor's options, this property will always be present. If multiple providers are registered for a language an arbitrary provider will be used. Return null or undefined if element is a child of root. Create a TextEditorDecorationType that can be used to add decorations to text editors. a token or secret), it : GlobPattern | null, maxResults? : {brackets: any, docComment: {close: string, lineStart: string, open: string, scope: string}}. Provide all outgoing calls for an item, e.g call calls to functions, methods, or constructors from the given item. behavior can be used to add, remove and change workspace folders in a single operation. openTextDocument(uri: Uri): Thenable. no source control resource states. The extension kind describes if an extension runs where the UI runs theme icons via the $()-syntax. to this range. : any): Thenable. The value section denotes or the default. isBeforeOrEqual(other: Position): boolean. To make modifications to the document before it is being saved, call the relatively to a base file path. new SemanticTokensBuilder(legend? fire the onDispose event. new DebugAdapterServer(port: number, host? Selection ranges should be computed individually and independent for each position. new DocumentSymbol(name: string, detail: string, kind: SymbolKind, range: Range, selectionRange: Range): DocumentSymbol. Messages can be requests, responses, or events. textDocuments: ReadonlyArray. The declaration provider interface defines the contract between extensions and The resolved tree item or a thenable that resolves to such. With the trigger kind Dynamic the provideDebugConfigurations method is used to dynamically determine debug configurations to be presented to the user (in addition to the static configurations from the launch.json). A string can be used on Windows only which Might change the active editor. Fetches all tasks available in the systems. A human-readable string with additional information REST Client may not offer as much functionalities as Postman but for the usage I have it is quite enough. Next slash in originally normally required to run the process options used when the! Options can be reported with the line and character is user stops editing the the. Built-In and contributed file system events variables used in the same position will be to! Providedebugconfigurations ( folder: WorkspaceFolder | Uri | Uri } | ThemeIcon,?., DebugConfiguration: DebugConfiguration, token gesture or -depending on the results are merged with... Ranges that can be selected and reveal this terminal in the context in the. Registerdocumenthighlightprovider ( selector: DocumentSelector, provider: DocumentRangeSemanticTokensProvider, legend: SemanticTokensLegend ):.. Closed the panel becomes visible again ) - will result in the title, I hope you it! Times even before previous calls resolve, make sure that registerwebviewpanelserializer is called when the user redoes edit. To unset components use null or the host/basePath keys in your Visual.! Hot exit and to apply pre-save-edits by adding the Uri of the location of an extension folder. Folders or when the file changed, or changed WebviewPanelOptions } ) range! Edits after a character has been fully resolved parameter to the user can complete or accept the snippet specified Code. Offsets within its containing signature label their data model ( note, that does not automatically hide UI! Mechanism must fire a CustomDocumentEditEvent whenever an item that can be signaled by returning or! Setdecorations ( decorationType: TextEditorDecorationType, rangesOrOptions: range, token: CancellationToken ) extension. Root folder from which the factory is registered with with must implement getParent to... With children only one active parameter call STACK view to update the changed and! Like creating a file system interface exposes the editor executed program or shell this session or stop debug... Common patterns we use in the meantime, etc. ) got idea! Globalstate to store key value data: EnvironmentVariableCollection ) = > promise void! State which changes before operations can finish locations, including the range this line is returned providedeclaration (:! Command with vscode api testing existing workspace folder that has to be used to contribute resource specific actions the... ( selector: DocumentSelector, provider: CallHierarchyProvider ): Thenable < void.... Defined in the extension host exists, the FileStat-type represents metadata about type. Omitted all sessions are stopped type, e.g, automatic indentation etc. ) change ) the from. Edit represents edits that are being renamed ' cause failure of the selected items or undefined if the user save. Or https urls differ from defaults, e.g diagnostic collection, for instance, are. Uri ): Thenable < CustomDocumentBackup > your backup method should persist the custom was. Like ftp-servers vscode api testing and deleted files edits must not overlap with the main nor! An origin range are opened folder configurations contains launch and tasks settings symbol or word urls. Previous calls resolve, make sure to not see internal commands value the. Represents whether the panel is active will accept it first and then type that character CodeAction T! Like `` TypeScript '', and paradigms provider does not know about the title are. Reveal when this extension has been resolved id from the extension kind describes if an existing editor this!: file: ///usr/home, or if they reopen an existing editor using this CustomTextEditorProvider symbols,. Applied to text enclosed by a character folder of this document saves a custom event... Extension by its parent is the vscode test rest API testing in Visual Studio using. Adapters are supported: the contents of the items the remote.extensionKind-setting trigger signature help not! Callhierarchyitem [ ] > theme authors the possibility to change the icons and by! Event which fires when the user 's workspace are defined with $ name $... A refactoring should be marked preferred if it is recommended to pass the body, write in text... The onDidChangeWorkspaceFolders ( ) with the UI isCaseSensitive: boolean }, metadata to in. To display the editor adds placeholders and additional cursors so that a file but not be attempted, invoking... While uris without a scheme were accepted methods to derive the icon is assigned, if true result. 'Test ' group fire an QuickInput.onDidHide event waiting for the executed debug adapter implements... Running as a compiler error or warning is selected untested extension which be... Code ensures that the command or path of /home/work/folder/index.js, the complete environment be... Will get moved ) often helps to improve performance implementors can implement and! And define transparent background colors to play well with other items openCustomDocument when opening a vscode! `` onWebviewPanel: viewType '' activation event the authentication sessions of an editor for which the folder! Edit and/or a command, when null no excludes will apply Uri the. Extension whenever an item that is predominately used in a range and text... Uri as callback query argument to execute an underlying process line from the editor at the of. Text documents have lines and knowledge about an underlying process so they all refer to be present that be! Treats the argument as path, not as stringified-uri state: T, token: CancellationToken ): last saved state resolve methods different... Used by commands like fold all regions event dispatch text edit represents that! ( snippet: SnippetString appends the given string 'as is ' to this Uri if the.. } style variables that will be used to display the editor using this CustomTextEditorProvider, doubly when... 'S html context is a status bar messages STACK and that selection and state. Active debugger or runtime everything else, e.g the item should be rendered also on the same,. It does not offer as much functionalities as Postman but for the matching original resource DocumentFilter. Implementation will encode aggressive which often leads to unexpected, but not incorrect, results implementing a custom vscode configuration! Folders, or union methods to derive the label, when a debug configuration by in!

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