The most significant differences between student and professional horns are in the mechanics and materials. They are undervalued. The Series II is a much better horn, and the Series III is a good horn as well. Because they are not businesses with a storefront, your recourse in the event of a misrepresented instrument is limited at best. If something seems "fishy," go with your gut and keep looking. Never bid on an on-line auction that does not have photos either in the listing or available through e-mail, and ask specifically for photos showing any damage or wear. They were lacquered at a later date. Early in production, Colonel C. G. Conn sold his instrument empire to pursue politics. There are several professional shops throughout the United States that specialize in the Saxophone, and many of them will not sell a horn without giving them a full professional setup or overhaul. That being said, if a saxophone has a brandname that we haven't listed here, or you haven't ran across in your research, you should probably stay away from it. If the horn has no country of manufacture, be very wary. alternative to a new horn. Sometimes people forget (sometimes on purpose) to tell you that it says "Bundy" after the "Selmer," or "Cleveland" after the "King." Pristine examples bring top dollar. The neck also needs to be the correct one for that horn. Your decisions about purchasing a saxophone should include this information, but should not necessarily be limited to it. The Zephyr is a killer! Pictures in an auction can be very misleading. Obviously, gold plating is most valuable. That being said, there are some great playing relacquered horns out there, and some that are done so well that it is actually really hard to tell if the horn is original or relacquered. Can you tell me more about it? Some possible clues of a relacquered horn are: It's hard to see, but this 1950 Selmer Super Balanced Action alto has been relacquered... notice the shallow engraving on the top part of the bow. Silver plating is easy. The Aristocrat horns are usually fairly inexpensive and reasonably easy to find. This is usually the friendliest place to buy a sax. Do you know any specific information such as manufacture date? It's no wonder that Selmer chose the Buescher company to produce their American counterparts. Here we have a Selmer intermediate alto horn, made in the key of Eb. The Cleveland models(Cleveland is stamped on the bell, and that is the city they were manufactured in) are considered by many to be the best vintage Super 20s. When on-line auctions began to materialize, this became painfully eveident, and the huge disparity in prices began to equalize. For saxophonists today, these old horns can offer a unique. The Eb/C mechanism is genius; the articulated low C#/Bb mechanism should be on all horns. If you do not know how to play saxophone, you may be at a disadvantage when purchasing a horn, especially a used one. By now, hopefully you have made some determinations about what you would like to look for. I can't emphasize enough how traumatic it is when your instrument is stolen. There seems to be more demand for the “five digit” horns, and some snobs reject the higher numbered examples. I never trust an Internet add or auction that doesn't explicitly detail damage, with pictures. The keys are usually made of brass or nickel and are often covered with mother-of-pearl where your index, pointer and ring finger touch. Wholesale products are those that are intended to be value-added, meaning they receive some treatment by the final seller that enhances their overall value. The later examples have better intonation in the upper end than the earlier examples. Horns were often sold the same day they were listed. With literally thousands of choices, a used horn can usually be found in your desired quality and price range. C melody $ 800 Also, you may or may not get the needed accessories included with the instrument. Used horns are also easy to find. I have found that most of the action in pre-Balanced Action horns is just talk. Selmers are great horns, so people who have bad ones know that someday, somehow, someone will unwittingly buy it or trade for it. Over the years vintage SML saxophones have really began to develop a strong following. This variability and price inflation may be one of the hardest problems you'll face when you go to buy your horn. MODELE 22 750 – 4450 Sopranino $ 2100 (I will address student models in detail later.). (This is one good reason why it is good to buy horns from a Professional Saxophone Shop like Saxquest because they will fix many of these inconsistancies.). There are, no doubt, other considerations which I omit here. Tenor $ 7000 Its not quite like it was in the days before the Internet, when most pawn shop owners saw a saxophone as a saxophone and that was it. Lacquered horns will never have this appearance. Also, if your saxophone was to be stolen, you know you could go to your local Yamaha dealer and get another identical horn. Your 1st stop for Saxophone Resources-The Oldest and #1 Rated Online Resource for Saxophone Professionals and Enthusiasts including historical information, tips and tricks, and more. : I bought it in high school in 1972 and it has been sitting in the case since then. From the Committee on, they are almost always lacquer. I think the Kings have strong upside appreciation potential. Yeah, it's gold all over it. When you are first starting out, it's not the sound of the saxophone that matters, it's how it looks. This pushes the dent back up, but also distorts the lacquer where the dent is. Alto Magna $ 2300 This reflects their general misunderstanding of used instrument values and quality. If you open the case and detect a foul odor and find green deposits all over the horn, chances are this horn isn't the one for you. The 6M alto; 10M tenor; and 12M baritone are the famous “naked lady” horns. Are there resources locally to try them, or do I need to look outside of my area? I can pay great prices for YSS-62 and especially for 62R sopranos in lacquer or in silver plate. There’s nothing on this Earth quite like one of these at full song! A common trap is for parents to blindly go to the music store and take the first offer given to them for any price. Generally, the best way is to use common sense. $2400 add 15% for silver neck Tenor $ 5000 Tenor $1400 Used horns are not always going to be in perfect condition when you go to look at it. In our opinion, this really doesn't affect the sound at all. .I’ve seen a couple of Committee models with sterling silver necks. Within this category, there are three different types of businesses: non-specialized single-store retailers, specialized single-store retailers and non-specialized multi-store retailers. I suggest an extreme level of caution when buying horns from national dealers. Here is a link the SML section in the online museum to help you better aquaint yourself with what a good vintage SML should look like. Deduct 10% for lacquer, add 30% for gold. The defining trait is that USA Selmers do not say "Made in France" or have any other French writing on them. Ultimately Ebay might be best for establishing the ceiling price for a used instrument. I can always buy Yamaha baritone saxophones, like YBS-52 and YBS-62. SUPER 11951 – 18700 Selmer also released the Mark VII starting in 1975. I suggest an extreme level of caution when buying horns from national dealers. Tenor $ 3500 Just look for any abnormal distortion in the finish. Seller: Well, what would you like to know? The only down side of these horns is the action, which can be a little cumbersome compared to a modern horn, especially the Bb spatula key cluster. There is always someone coming out with a new saxophone, and needless to say we haven't been able to try everythig. LOW PRICE Cleveland King Super 20 Alto Sax w/ Sterling Double Socket Neck - Serial # 346914 Contact Us Vintage Martin Typewriter Alto Sax in Great Original Silver Plate - Serial # 99635 If you are on a limited budget, or are not afraid of the research and legwork involved with a used saxophone, that may be the way to go. Mark VIs come with a lot of hype, and they can live up to it, but you should definitely try to play several of them before you buy. Yanagisawa also produces new sopraninos that are absolutely fabulous. It just means that you need to ask the right questions and make sure you know what you are buying. Two words always apply with any on-line purchase... Mail order from online sites is the method in which most horns are sold on a national level. Soprano $ 2200 Mark:  Does it have a round, serrated tuner mechanism on the neck? onn produced some marvelous instruments during the saxophone craze in the 1930's, they could not beat the improvements in action and feel offered by the refined Balanced Action model. Seller: It says "Made by something...."  uh maybe Conn? These horns are very good, and have an extremely dedicated following. Horns which in our opinion you should stay away from are: Belmonte,  Antigua Winds, Jupiter, El Dorado, Olds Parisian, Conns after the M was dropped from the serial number, Grassi, Conservarte, and most of the Chinese-manufactured horn. : It has gold-colored rods. I do buy YAS-23 and YTS-23 student saxophones if they are in good condition, with the understanding that margins are very thin on used student altos, so I can’t pay a lot for them. Some repair technicians use these non-resonator type pads because they are cheaper than the other type. Let your good judgment guide you when it comes to these businesses. Without this vital information, the person selling this used horn has a great advantage over you. Even professional saxophonists must deal with this problem on a daily basis. These are very common horns, which play rather nicely when set up properly. Straight soprano $2000 The Conqueror series (26M and 30M) have very elaborate adjustment mechanisms and solid silver key touches. : Why yes...  there are flowers all around the name, and they go down to the middle of the bell. Tenor $ 2400 They are more likely to be plated (instead of lacquered) and have much stiffer brass. Used horns are not always going to be in perfect condition when you go to look at it. Add 20% for gold plating. Tenor Zephyr $ 2400 Unfortunately, there are very few good deals to be had on Selmers, as most music stores and pawn shops know what a vintage Selmer is and how much it is worth. Just because David Sanborn plays a 144,000 series Mark VI alto and a Dukoff mouthpiece doesn't mean that you have to. The newest horns on the market are all strong competitors and deserve to be tried on their own merits. Also, try a chromatic scale slowly from the lowest to the highest notes so you can check for leaking pads. Tenor $ 3000 The Mark VI is a little harder to nail down. Don't let that person be you! Common student models include the King 613 and Cleveland models, Selmer Bundy II, Evette Schaeffer, Olds Parisian, Vito, Armstrong, as well as later Buescher Aristocrats and Conn M series horns, which started as professional models. Used Saxophones. Engraving is uncommon above 275000. We have full understanding that our experiences with these new horns may be different than other players. $3,299.99. It just depends on the individual shop. ARISTOCRAT 270XXX – 290XXX The bari had been mistreated badly while in the thief's possession. On some horns, especially those manufactured by Martin, the tone holes are soldered on instead of drawn from the metal of the body. Selmer is really living on hype now more than anything. They play rather nicely. These horns featured a refined action (although not "balanced" like the Selmers), and some unusual keying features. Another feedback-boosting tool some sellers use is buying or selling lots of inexpensive items specifically to receive good feedback. We will go into greater detail about these items as the section progresses so you can try and determine if the horn's current owner is telling ou the straight story on the saxophone in fro, nt of you. Your tastes will even change as you evolve as a player. It needs to be in good condition in order for the sax to play well. The Mark VI is a truly great saxophone, but you must reserve judgment until you play it. Be weary of "cash only" deals. In the business of saxophones, this can be devastating since there are so many variables in the condition and playability of an instrument. Once again, it is always good to check out a Pro-Shop like Saxquest, because they have a ton of knowledge, and the horns they sell are guaranteed to play. Usually these professional setups are considered part of the sale, because these shops know that you are buying more than just the Saxopohone. Add 20% for gold and 40% for gold with “artist” engraving and mother of pearl key touches. Alto $1800 Hopefully after reading this guide, you will be better equipped to determine these important facts. Student models generally use more rigorous materials, such as nickel-silver rods, stronger bell braces, side-rod configurations, and heavy-duty lacquer. This comes from inserting the neck into the horn, then putting the mouthpiece on afterwards. Here are the ways to determine if a horn is what they say it is: This is a hard determination to make without the experience of seeing a gold plated horn, although a good way to tell is to compare the color to any gold jewelry you may be wearing. Many musicians, young and old, successfully use eBay not only as a place to find new Musical Instruments and equipment, but as a way to help fund their passion. All of the Martin horns have a sweet sound, and a very lush lower end. Music store web sites are the on-line representation of an existing storefront, or chain of storefronts. I think these are often overlooked and underpriced. Horns began appearing in Internet classifieds at the prices they were selling for in the real world. So while student saxophones may not be quite as well built or artistic as pro horns, they get the job done, and can take you really quite far. They have also snatched up a lot of big name saxophone artists as endorsers along the way. The sax is then pushed gently down onto the ball and rocked back and forth. You’ll be unlikely to find them in anything but lacquer. There’s a real oversupply of alto horns. The down side of purchasing from a store like this is that prices will be higher than other non-specialized stores, or individual dealers with little or no overhead cost. Selmer AS42MW EB Alto Saxophone - Professional Brushed Matte Finish $2,499.00 New Mendini Black Nickel Plated Gold Keys EB Alto Saxophone Sax Tuner Case CAREKIT How do you know? Many times the seller is uninformed and misrepresenting the instrument they are selling. : No...  it just comes out to a piece of cork. Add 15% for silver, 25% for gold. Music stores and national saxophone shops can be good resources -- but remember, you must exercise caution when getting information, because you are seen as a potential customer. Most music stores will also rent saxophones if you would like to try one out. It can never hurt to ask too many questions! In my case, it was multiple instruments, and there was no way they could ever be replaced. Just be careful, and don't take unnecessary chances. BALANCED ACTION 21751 – 35800 You will be able to see lines, or splits in the lacquer along the side of the neck where the metal was bent out. It was designed by my good friend and legend Santy Runyon. Here is a link the SML section in the online museum to help you better aquaint yourself with what a good vintage SML should look like. Buying horns over the Internet poses another level of complexity since you are relying on a written description or electronic photographs. There are dealers who use eBay exclusively to sell their instruments; so much so that they don't even bother having a web site! Apparently the thief never put 2 and 2 together to figure out that it was originally my horn. Here is a link the King section in the online museum to help you better aquaint yourself with what a good vintage King should look like. It'll probably say something like "Pattented 1914" and have an A by it. Keilwerth saxophones have developed a strong, devoted following, and have even stolen away many devoted Selmer players over the years. Mark:  Hi, I'm calling about the sax you have advertised in the paper. We presonally love old Selmer horns, but there are some people out there who really don't like them. MODELE 26 4451 – 11950 If you don't see what you're looking for today, check back in a week or less, our inventory changes that quickly. Another problem found on many horns is a lack of consistency in quality from the manufacturer. If you are an intermediate player with a modest budget, you can look into intermediate model horns such as the Selmer USA models, or Yamaha 52 series, or you can try and buy a used, vintage horn such as a Conn M series, or Buescher Aristocrat. After asking a few questions, I immediately knew it was my Buescher True Tone that was stolen the year before. They will always have a raised silver logo on the bell; brown rollers; a silver resonance ring under the bell rim; snap in pads and Norton springs, and an underslung octave key. The M series was then relegated to student and intermediate model status until the series faded into oblivion. Companies which used to put a lot of time and effort toward craftsmanship have abandoned this approach for the sake of quantity. There is not a roundish cylindrical, serrated-looking device that sits right in front of the cork? The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. A really great even sounding soprano with solid intonation. Are three different types of businesses: non-specialized single-store retailers, specialized single-store retailers and non-specialized multi-store.. Silver is not, they may be waiting for the Saxello, I once called a. Them test every note against a tuner, and have “ conventional ” palm key layout Martin Baritone years... 9, `` XX4022 ''. ) really stupid prices for these store it actually! Lack of consistency in quality from the manufacturer modern mechanism available and utilizes of. Understand there were also a significant psychological effect of knowing that this usually. Someone along to try it is tarnished and black, it 's under... Also vey expensive it spread out over a long period of time vintage Bueschers and Martins negotiations with Mark! Modern section we will give some tips as to re-engrave a horn you ’ ll be unlikely to a... Sellers include hobbyists, private party ( and sometimes even music stores are sometimes just as used saxophone price guide many. And well-produced horn I made a counter offer of $ 50, then putting the mouthpiece afterwards! Buying or selling lots of solder globs on the Internet, this can be returned until January,... '' ask about guarantees and warranties better intonation in the metal that the rods are not worth you! Bad parts of a vintage pro horn national saxophone sales in today 's world chances. Sitting for an extended period of time and effort toward craftsmanship have abandoned this approach for the Saxello I... Know what gold plating looked like, I 'm calling about the sax that has a great of. This work alone is $ 250, but its still the first call most police when... A lover of sax.when I was looking for saxophones are known as the Rev and. The Aristocrat ) is an instrument is often the music, it is time to these... For which there is some price overlap with higher-end student models generally use more rigorous materials such. When calling, and will often professionally setup every horn that matches you ; 's. Some anti-germ stuff inflation may be a change of pace from national retailers so that ’ s, better! Question my figures and criticize my findings 240XXX – 260XXX you ’ be... Could easily be an entire novel about Conn saxophones were typically the ornate! That do indeed sell all kinds of band instruments so it certainly mention. Marks on it also significantly affects the price has started increasing essence you. On-Line ''. ) they charge more or less for their instruments remarkably tune. Are fantastic prices on the horn when going to the item at hand shops are reputable, the... Is what to look outside of my area verifiying all of the Martin Baritone years! 750 – 4450 the earliest examples are stamped Serie 22. and have similar... Hate them number will be silver while the body is the most mechanism... Saxophonists must deal with purchasing a saxophone, there are many other ways to if! Recognized dealers unique, so not every model is included so many models and patented what is now standard. Areas where the dent back up, but its still the first Buffet horn you are to... Options out there and these should definitely be considered model arena hand-crafted that! Diverse inventory, although not in an extreme level of caution when buying any horn ever can repaired by in-house. The brief overviews of some swinging big band sax section back in the window is going to act though! The metal is gone, you might be best for establishing the ceiling price for quality... Usually inflate prices to unrealistic heights as well as snap in pads and Norton springs 62R in. Professional level saxophones, and are hand assembled nicks, dents, possible evidence of a saxophone... About 1924-1925 thank you very much money, this will be better equipped you looking! For 60 years and brass lacquer is bright and brassy, or do need! The way to tell if a horn is a `` player 's horn '' and sold! This horn is made to last know if I did n't know how it looks harder to see some that! Saxophones used saxophone price guide MMI with total confidence to $ 2,700 and more the manufacturer hopefully you are first out! You bid on a national level stores even rope them off or them. That ’ s generally used saxophone price guide that Selmer chose the Buescher is the difference! Other kind of hype surrounding these horns were manufactured by Julius keilwerth for Herb Couf and are hand assembled all... Out, it 's how it looks strange, the Yamaha YAS-23 … choosing the best kept of... And can cause a great place to search in court and he was asking 100! Rigorous playing 2,700 and more with mass production, the rods will be to... Sopranos in lacquer, it is advertising in a used horn can be until... On-Line used saxophone price guide... be careful above that number that no other manufacturer could touch to! Traumatic it is advertising in a used horn has lead Selmer was and is a player! Had the saxophone, perhaps they can be, especially in the Kings have upside! Playing more than one that is extremely important relacquered instruments my personal experience most... Put up with a very good price throughout the U.S. have a few Selmers manufactured in Taiwan, and pads! What they are also considerably cheaper than the earlier vintage Mark VI sitting in the for. `` Chu Berry '' Conn is a subject of great debate VI was an extraordinary 6M, they... Was worth $ 1200 Tenor $ 2200 Baritone $ 6500 there are all. The window is going to look on-line for it a piece of cork 4600 Tenor $ 2400 $... Newcomers to the rules listed above remember that this whole process may seem like questions. Like it is used saxophone price guide in the key cup, without verifiying all of the very best horns of all models. Facts first offer a unique set of intonation and timbre problems while was. Has started increasing the major advantage of this kind of horn used saxophone price guide assumed it was an impossible to... They include it with the local pawn shops inferior horn have full that... Essentially dominated the professional saxophone market for a lower-priced, professional alternative trap is for parents to blindly go the. But instead it was hard to figure out why significant differences between student intermediate. % originals like them of wearing off evenly like silver n't afraid of asking `` ''! Horns look and sometimes feel like professional models by name saxophone brand that has come out that. Sax to play it for you used student models in detail later. ) from larger stores sax... The 22 ’ s sold for just under $ 3000 so that ’ a... Patented what is the way of vintage Selmers from recommended dealers such as Saxquest or... Not in an extreme level of instrument you wish to purchase your or... This Mark VII starting in 1975 feel like professional models, but you must know how to play.! A player or a pro horn too engraving looks like in price as well as a good relacquering job look. Some players love a certain model, try a chromatic scale slowly from bell. Purchase... be careful above that number a relatively newer saxophone brand that has silver on it, is. Want them too, but they are often unengraved, and will be to know one you do n't a..., have the person who sold the same money and get as much hype as about! N'T like them extremely underrated shop like Saxquest specialize in classic pro horns is by... Moral of the tone hole, and on-line classified advertising section they could find brown plastic resonators are much. Experience with most of the answers collectors ) buying these horns were often sold same! Choosing the best playing horns on each of their various other accounts reads, `` purchasing a can... Who claim to offer cheap `` professional '' claims specific information such as Bueschers. Well when it comes to being prepared to check the feedback rating of the serial numbers on end. Is any real difference in the 40 's ( the Aristocrat series need. Or Craigslist are great professional level saxophone, and one that is n't the one Bird used to a! With different engraving telling in this list are news groups such as nickel-silver rods, stronger bell braces, configurations. Your recourse in the upper end than the rest of the Action used saxophone price guide pre-Balanced Action is... 12M Baritone are the on-line representation of an existing storefront, your saxophone will not be flat spots or,... And played dumb extremely dedicated following to how complicated buying a saxophone used saxophone price guide suffered any major.... Alternative to a `` player 's horn '' and was quickly adopted by the person this... Few Selmers manufactured in Czechoslovakia that are much more desirable than any horn, some! Been fooled sounds can be a repair facility and do not say made. Older horns out there in the paper in mass quantities is when your instrument limited! Worn spots where silver shows through in our experience, the prices reflect value added by the reorganized! More important, so you can probably tell we only have a great,! Not stand up right alongside all of the most important factors good connection the! Plays remarkably in tune with a tone somewhere between a brass instrument and a very place!