Find the nearest retailer to get the best floor care products around! I would be sure to neutralize the treatment before sealing with anything. It also helps with side bonding, has good penetration, and allows you to build your top coats with integrity. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Does Bona Nordic Seal mimic unfinished oak better than Bona Natural Seal? Bona Finishes perform even better with Bona Sealers underneath. It seals the wood while pigmenting it, and allows the top coats to sit nicely on top. I would not have an answer currently. of Nordic desks plus 2 coats of bona HD? However, if someone else can benefit from my experience, I need to point out this one fact--Beware of Oxalic Acid and Bona HD. Let the floor cure for 3 days, moved back in but did not put down rugs for 2 weeks, to ensure the floor was solid. I have noticed from pictures that Bona Natural Seal seems to impart a slight yellowing still. NordicSeal, as you have have guessed from the name, is the whitest of all the sealers. Then, quickly buff down the coats to remove any grain raise––make sure not to remove too much of the pigmentation from the sealer. It’s a green solution that simultaneously protects your floors and makes them a bit lighter and more natural looking vs an oil based polyurethane or waterborne poly alone. Your email address will not be published. Bona has planted over 3,000 trees over the last decade as a part of their “Plant a Tree” program. How much should I plan to get for 1,000sf? Thanks for your question! Home owner ... wants very dark or very light —— big wide open space on the lake See More