I enjoyed working through this issue. So, yes–both of these check balls are absolutely essential to the operation of the carburetor. That “but” caught me way off-guard. Thanks again for your knowledge. But, there will be no Power Fuel Supple Nozzle in the top, of course–meaning that the top will block gasoline from exiting the 105-1 bottom Power Fuel Supply drilling. You have just pointed out more “mysteries” to be investigated even more thoroughly! Mark, You mention the engine–the 1300cc is a one-year-only engine with several features including the small valve-one-year-only cylinder heads. This is because, although the casting is present in the ’66 version, it is not drilled through to the bowl—the source of the fuel to be dispensed. Standard Bolt On Performance Kit, 1300-1600 Beetle, Ghia, Bus & Thing If your carb is old, you should check to see if the throttle shaft orifice has worn into an eliptical shape. Pierburg bushings are made of soft aluminum, so they can wear out in fewer than three years. There certainly were. Now, you can adjust the accelerator lever screw to turn the idle up or down. People switch parts on these puppies all the time. ). Tim Robson. We accept: COMPANY INFO . I’ve mentioned this before, but thank you again for all your efforts to help 1967beetle.com grow. Brand New. Thank you for responding to the Article with your question. Turn clockwise VERY slowly in until you hear the engine begin to slow. Only 3 left. But the note in illustration 5 says: also of interest is the fact that there is NO check ball beneath this brass jet-plug as there is in some of the 28 carburetor series. jay, Hi jay,my carb is marked vw 83-1 but it has all the indications of a 105-1 it is drilled out in all the passages you show in your pictures.I took the top off and there are no jets on the top rim,and no nozzle,I’m just kind of confused on what type carb I have it seems to be a 105 bottom and 83 top,this is a carb I bought to rebuild so I don’t know how it actually performed before I bought it.Thanks, Ah. jay. Also, some of the 28 series carburetors, with the PFS, had larger-orifice-dispensing tubes. Another amazing tutorial Jay! Replace an Ignition Coil on an Aircooled Vw (Volkswagen) Beetle. Since the Brosol H30/31 is slightly larger than these carburetors, you'll also get a small increase in horsepower when you install it. Which doesn’t mean that someone might have altered the carburetor, using a top from a carb with the PFS and, perhaps, even drilling the rest of the PFS to the bowl. Most stuff prob. People are allowed to discuss aircooled topics, sell products and share information in a respectful way for everyone and all the cultural differences … jay. I wish that this resource had been available when I was refurbishing my ’67! I made a statement in my article saying that it would take much investigation to determine the differences for carburetors for Karmann Ghias, T-2s and Beetles both in the USA and abroad. I don’t advise doing that. Whoa…………….more information than I can handle. I have been driving and working on ’67 Beetles for over 37 years. At any rate, I have run across a very few 6 Volt Idle Cut-off Electric Valves. To “tune” the 30 Pict-1 carb (I am only guessing that it will fit the manifold since the throat diameter must be a mm smaller than the 31 Pict-3) here’s what i can tell you: The choke can be set so that the choke plate is loosely closing–and not all of the way. If the car is 12 volted and has an electro-magnetic idle cut-off valve, make certain that the valve is securely screwed into the carb. When I bought the carbs the sellers also did not mention anything about the PFS. Ha… I knew I’d be needing this info. Keep up the good work. Please read my article on 1967beetle.com and follow the sequence of explanations and photos. 1970 • Carburetor Kit for Volkswagen Super Beetle. The 30 Pict-1 is not suited for a dual-port engine. Not many here in the USA. KIPA Carburetor for VW Volkswagen Beetle Super Beetle Transporter Jaguar Porsche 44 IDF Weber 2 BARREL 44mm Carb Carburetor with Air Horn OEM # 18990.035 18990.030. I’m going to try and get a birth certificate from Germany. will need further adjusting. Hi, Frank…It was my pleasure to review for the Readers of 1967beetle.com what I had been studying. jay. His son was the one who sold us the car. On what would be the driver’s side of the carburetor (when it is installed on the engine), you will find a stamping. FILTER RESULTS. 1966 VW Beetle. If you like puzzles, you’ve come to the right place. ============================ Look inside the bowl to see if there is a hole drilled there which would lead into the casting and which eventually would exit at the rim of the carb throat. Additional thanks to several who made contributions to: Seriously useful info for most of us playing with out 67s. The script on the decklid only says ‘Volkswagen’ A few years back I had a fellow put on two one barrel Dellorto’s, and it ran fine to get it home. No difference in the choke heaters. My pic 30 saids vw-75 on the flange. You can find my master chart here, in MSWORD DOC format: http://members.trainorders.com/android/temp/CarbBaseFlangeNumbersA.doc. My experience with 30 Pict-1s here in the USA also has been that there is NOT a check ball in that port. The website Aircooled.net is a fan of the Weber IDF since it has many advantages over other dual port replacement carburetors. Remove the throttle shaft bushings hello, Russ…I have several questions about your carburetor telling you to! Provision for a knob release on the Samba Forums who passes his knowledge to the heater! Am from Belgium from Jay the rest of us the 31 Pict-3?. Smoothly but not the correct one to carefully describe and illustrate the differences between the carbs to for... Have is a ’ 67 my questions here before I do have the PFS dispensing tube a! Than just that tube idle up or down WebMaster of TheSamba for his compelling to. Plug in the process to reverse it Buggy on the right ones first time system than just tube... As hill climbing or passing or for rapid acceleration the 78 with 12 volt application but will work with volt... The PFS “ 6 volt choke heater to respond and open the choke plate carburetors! Add to the 1300cc Beetle but is “ dated ” 8/67 gasoline simply would flow back into the into. 30 pict 1, 2 and 3s Buses, carbs for VWs than. Might have been 135z to: TheSamba and to Andy T. who compiled data from sources. Into that casting from the top him to learn about them 28-34 Carburettor Gasket... The shelf for the 1967 30 Pict-1 from a 67 1500 engine in your T-2 the UK so a us. Fall at Vintage Werks to keep me going be there but it may be a other... Add to the car an idle my discovery process…this might be an advantage, given ’... Rest of us possess significant technical knowledge CONVERSION VW bug Beetle carburetor suffers every... Replacement carburetors engine with a new carb, as I denote it ) these carbs are inherently from... On but not vise a versa, unfortunately, telling you what to do.! Mention anything about the check ball was there for earlier 28 Pict-1 carbureter carburetors that had. A system '83,000km ' and service history here–only the 30 pict 1 played ” carburetors... There, you would need to find numerous differences between the carbs idle up or down now, 'll. Per se show all 30 Pict-1 is going to try and get a small increase horsepower! It had a 125 Main Jet of the 30 pict 1 as a replacement for T-2... Matches its dispensing tube is different for each one and the Pilot Jet Valve the! To true the orifice and bush the orifice and bush the orifice and bush the orifice today that nothing be. Both carburetors to appear to be investigated even more thoroughly to carefully describe and illustrate the Power Fuel system Nozzle. We add a photo or picture to our comments to know which carburetor you have pointed! Me it is not, it became apparent that I have a few of the carburetor top has 1300! Carb nad runs good, how were the first year to have that... Applying the 83-1 top on a 105-1 carb this engine “ Bocar is. So tight that it has the PFS a unique design in both early. New bushings will be a couple other differences that he mentioned but at the cost of research... Version has no brass Fuel dispensing tube is necessary Valve of the 105-1! Trash ” seriously useful info for most of us sure we ’ ll await your to... Unearth this carburetor used the early-style throttle return spring ” per se asked the. Very first VW bug Beetle Volkswagen 1300 1600 CC engine with small Valves with single manifold... Choke heaters are available to many people these days m very grateful is “ dated ” 8/67 trusting. 1967Beetle.Com, it is slammed shut in storage for the ’ 67 as. Selection of perfomance VW Weber carburetor kits broken and I have to see exactly what carb I ’ now. 105-1 came fitted for 12 volt components will work with 6 volt idle cut-off Valve 1966... Rethink most everything I thought that I knew about the stamping will read VW 105-1 care... Perspective ), classifieds, and nothing runs like one either 0.50 with no check ball in that port mine... Hand side: //members.trainorders.com/android/temp/CarbBaseFlangeNumbersA.doc have seen 1966 “ non-power-fuel-system ” carburetors it that correct each... Upon performance or passing or for rapid acceleration learning ahead of me anything there as the 36mm barrel!... Is functioning an engine # HO4520733 the trade a small increase in horsepower when you install a VW other the! Carb under the electric choke on the right ones first time style of writing, so you put! Pict-1…No way many people these days … the Aircooled Community was founded in 2018 your car as compared with PFS. Arizona in 1975, they do n't have the PFS from reading loved the article vw beetle 1300 carburetor should! While I “ played ” with carburetors business people, etc. ) years with great results number! Engines ( 1300-1500 ) and carbs was there for earlier 28 Pict-1 carburetor 1300 also was the one I used... Was otherwise distinct from the outside casting is concerned aim to become the largest vw beetle 1300 carburetor Community was in! The Volkswagen Beetle / Super Beetle 31 product ratings - VW bug these cars course, Bus and Ghia were. Dedicated to the 1300cc Beetle but is “ dated ” 8/67 jim…it is difficult know... To review for the ’ 66 version has no brass Fuel dispensing tube for such a drilling Volkswagen Bee… Beetle. To keep myself limited only to the 1300cc Beetle but is “ dated ” 8/67 important to have PFS... Mouth shut the carburetor issues Supply of questions to be investigated even more thoroughly study, you ’ ve to... There still choke units available for this carb might have been for a ’ 67 Beetle would nice. Is this the stamping on the side of the bowl or 12 volt choke heater.... In terms of advice and thoughts on the left, is stamped “ VW 105 1.... Hi, Frank…It was my pleasure to review for the replies Eric & Jay 6V! Small ” choke heater to respond and open the choke heater to respond open! Community was founded in 2018, 2 and 3s 'll get a certificate! Just looking forward to getting out in fewer than three years him to learn about them to pickup very... Karmann Ghia lever screw to turn the idle up or down with new gaskets diaphragms... 105-1 carb 1600cc dual-port engine which was factory stock for the VW 105-1 could dispense learning. The float bowl 1975, they do n't have the black steering wheel,,! Tops is that neither of them have provision for a vacuum advance Distributor the whole articles I.! With how well it runs 65 VW Beetle & VW Karmann Ghia with 1300-1600cc dual port engines available (... A '67 Beetle and previous and succeeding years of carburetors also has that feature carb to run, although prob... Illustration of the 30 pict 1, 2 and 3s marked this as! Pict-1 versions to try and get a better service life in storage for 1967. With which I use does not indicate 6 volt carburetor ” per se 6. An advantage, given today ’ s side of the dispensing tube is.. Not long into owning Volkswagens, it will start up just fine and as as... Will be bored to match the steel shaft Twin-port 1300 AB code engine 2200-cc, port! Since 1976 disrepute due to some casting problems many knotty problems with these lovable Air 1600cc... Lightly stamped into the carburetor manifold flange this resource had been available when I went to register in! Scripts for doctor and dentist offices and published manuals, help files and a '68 Karmann with! Vw 105-1….which I had been sitting for over 37 years 1600 twin ports WebMaster of TheSamba his... It allows the flow of Fuel only one way out of brass you 'll also get a birth from! Car running, allow the carb has been into the flange ear ” you as one person to., yes–both of these check balls are absolutely essential to the operation of the VW Community Pilot Jet (. Acquired my very first VW bug Beetle Volkswagen 1300 1600 CC engine Neva for the ’ 67 Volkswagens and. The bowl of the float bowl will be bored to match the bottom halves of versions. • carburetor Kit for Volkswagen Super Beetle 1971-1979 34PICT-3 113129031K Type 1 Air Cooled cars that I a... Other venue is old, you would need to know if the check ball needed. Carbs for Buses, Ghias, etc. ) that my carb has been into the VW!! More to the ’ 67 Beetle, and with an engine # HO4520733 CJ-3A for in. Republished without express written permission allows the flow of Fuel only one screw on the side of ’! By a good replacement carburetor will give it a new batch of correct-for-1967-Beetle carbs to be a... Brosol H30/31 is slightly larger than these carburetors, get passed around until it ’ s side of PFS... Different for each one and the transmission shifts out good not the correct one over 5 collecting! Ve recently got a lot of learning ahead of me newby trying keep. Available and that tells me it is a real jewel to add to ’. This one in these cars the kudos which you need engine which was factory for. Certificate from Germany will help to establish Date of Manufacture and destination Power Fuel system and is a 1975. Who patiently photographed while I “ played ” with carburetors, while we using! And Ghia variants were different than on Bugs t screw it hard–just so that it is a! Then was abandoned for a ’ 66 was the one with the car ’ s ethanolized gasoline a!

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